Energy & Solar Services

we work to make our clients' transition to renewable energy easy

Solar Services

 InTeck works to make our clients' transition to renewable energy easy.

We help our clients intelligently take part in the massive change in how mankind generates and uses power.

Yes! we can generate power without burning something.

The concentrated use of electrical power that is the hallmark of our society, need not be equated with pollution, environmental degradation, global warming, etc.

The time to be a part of the solution is now. 

Join us working towards a brighter day!
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Our Clients are our Commitment

InTech sees each client as a valued partner in an exciting journey to a more sustainable future....And our goal is complete  customer satisfaction. We want each system we install to meet the goals of our client, improve the look and value of our clients' property, and perform flawlessly. Above all, we want our client to be happy with their investment.

With all installs, InTech provides a 5 year guarantee on workmanship and materials. During that time, we will fix anything that may go wrong at no cost to the customer.

Most importantly, we work with our clients to make sure that they get the service they expect. Whether it's answering questions about their system, painting conduit so it matches their siding, or helping to sell InTech is committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Nos produits d'énergie solaire

Nos produits d'économie d'énergie

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Lampes & Spots 

B004D4B1 / B004D4J1:  Candle LED 4W 230V E14

L006D5B1 / L006D5J1: Lampe LED 6W 230V E27

S003A1B1 / S003A1J1: Spot LED 3W 12V MR16 Lens 30°

S006D5B1 / S006D5J1: Spot LED 6W 230V E27

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Plafonniers & Projecteurs 

P004D0B1 / P004D0J1: Plafonnier 4W 230V

P012D0B1 / P012D0J1: Plafonnier 12W 230V

F012D0B1 / F012D0J1: Projecteur 12W 230V

F096D0B1 / F096D0J1: Projecteur 96W 230V

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Eclairage Public  

E036D0J1 / P036D0O1: Eclairage Public 36W 230V

E072D0J1 / P072D0O1: Eclairage Public 72W 230V

E144D0J1 / P144D0O1: Eclairage Public 144W 230V